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General Questions
What is an “Over the Edge” event?question-w
It is a once-in-a-lifetime rappelling experience that will benefit the Child Advocacy Center. On June 2, 2018, we are partnering with Canadian-based adventure company, “Over the Edge.”  Participants will fundraise in exchange for the opportunity to rappel the Sky Eleven building in downtown Springfield. Over the Edge handles the technical aspects of the event while the CAC manages all other aspects of the day, all to raise money on behalf of child abuse victims in southwest and south central Missouri. For more information about Over the Edge, visit the Over the Edge website.

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Where do I sign up?

Complete the online registration form “here” or print out the 2018 Application Form and mail or hand-deliver to the CAC. (Mail to CAC, 1033 E. Walnut St., Springfield, MO 65806 or deliver to 1041 E. Walnut St.)

Is there an age limit to rappel?

Yes. You must be 16 years or older to rappel.

Are there weight restrictions?

Yes, participants must weigh between 110-300 pounds to safely fit into the harness equipment.

Is there a fundraising requirement?

You must raise a minimum of $1,000, a very achievable goal! Simply read the “Fundraising Tool Kit” page on this site. (Note: your rappel spot is not confirmed until you have raised $1,000.)

Do I need rappelling experience to participate?"

No! Over the Edge professionals will guide you through every step of your rappel experience.

How many people can participate in this event?

There are 90 rappelling spots – and every spot WILL sell out!

How much time will this take?

Your rappel experience will take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. You will register one hour before your scheduled time to rappel. After registering, you will be suited up and participate in training. The rappel itself will take between 10 and 15 minutes. The process includes:
•Registration and check-in: 10-20 minutes
•Staging and gear fitting: 15-25 minutes
•Safety training (a.k.a. “Ground School”): 10-20 minutes
•Waiting in line: this varies
•Rappel: 10-15 minutes
•Return to staging to remove gear: 10 minutes

May I select the time of my rappel?

FIRST, you must guarantee your rappel slot:
1. By completing the “Credit Card Security Deposit Form.” This form gives the CAC permission on May 31, 2018 to charge to your credit card the remaining balance of your $1,000 requirement (this guarantees you will meet your fundraising goal); OR
2. As soon as you’ve met your $1,000 fundraising goal. Three weeks before the event, the CAC will begin assigning slots to participants who are still fundraising. (Note: you will NOT be allowed to rappel if you have not raised $1,000 by May 25, 2018.)
THEN, CAC staff will work closely with you to assign you a time that fits your schedule. Just remember, selecting times is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event Day

I have never rappelled before; how will I know what to do?

No prior experience is required! You will have the opportunity to practice rappelling from a lesser height and be given instructions on how to use the equipment. This will give you a chance to hang in the harness, find a comfortable position and practice using the descender.

Will I need to bring any gear?

Over the Edge provides all gear. You will be wearing a full-body, industrial harness, using an industrial descender and wearing a pair of leather gloves and helmet.

What should I wear?

You’re going to be walking down the side of the building so wear good shoes. No sandals, slip-ons, slippers, flip flops, high heels or steel-toed boots are allowed. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. The harness goes around your legs, waist and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. Long hair must be tied back.

Can I bring my phone or camera with me?

Sorry, you will have to check all loose items like keys, cell phones and cameras with a staff member near check-in. If you wear glasses you need to use some type of retainer to keep them from falling.

Can friends or family take pictures of me from the roof?

Sorry again! The roof is a “Restricted Access” area. Only participants and approved staff are allowed. The CAC will have an event photographer on the roof taking pictures of you going over the side while friends and family watch you rappel and take photos from the safety of our Viewing Area. (Be sure to share your experience on social media with the hashtag #OTE4CAC.)

Is there anything I can do to prepare for this experience?

The most common complaint from participants is that their forearms got sore during the descent. The squeezing motion required isn’t hard, but over time it can get tiring. Proper technique and switching arms makes a lot of difference, but exercising with a squeeze ball leading up to the event can minimize the discomfort.


How will the CAC use the funds I’m raising?

You are raising money to support our services to abused, neglected, drug-endangered and exploited children in southwest and south central Missouri. We “put the needs of the child first in an investigation for abuse” (our mission.) The children we serve have faced more fear and trauma in their young lives than you will face looking over the edge of the Sky Eleven building. Despite their fears, they find the courage to share their difficult stories in the comfort and safety of our child-friendly center – and take that first brave step towards a life without abuse.

I have no fundraising experience; can you help me?

Absolutely! Check out the “Fundraising Tool Kit” area of this website or call the CAC for a copy of our “Fundraising Tool Kit” brochure — both are filled with fundraising ideas. Our number one goal is to help you break down that intimidating, $1,000 into smaller amounts – that all add up.

Does the registration fee I pay when I sign up count towards my fundraising goal?

No, nor is it refundable. Your registration fee pays for your t-shirt and the many costs of hosting such a large event. This way, the funds YOU raise all go towards services to children.

Can someone write a check or donate cash towards my fundraising (rather than donate online)?

Yes! You will find an “Offline Donation Deposit Form” here. As people give you cash or checks (made out to Child Advocacy Center) you will need to register the amount and donor information on this form. Periodically then, you will need to turn in these donations with the completed form so we can acknowledge your donors.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all your donors’ gifts are tax-deductible. Your donors will receive an automatically-generated receipt for their gifts. Donations of $100 and higher qualify for a Missouri “Champion for Children” tax credit. We will send paperwork for this tax credit to your donors

What happens if I do not raise at least $1,000?

You will need to have at least $1,000 in your fundraising account by May 25, 2018 in order to participate in the event OR have submitted to us a completed Credit Card Security Deposit Form . If you do not reach your goal, you will have to forfeit your rappelling spot. The funds you raised will count towards the overall proceeds for Over the Edge and help serve abused children.

If I end up not being able to participate, what happens to the donations I raise?

All donations submitted to the Child Advocacy Center are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you are unable to participate in the event, your donations cannot be refunded, nor can they be transferred to another participant. Your donations will go directly to the CAC’s services to children as if you had participated. We hope your donors will appreciate supporting our mission, regardless of your participation in the actual event.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all your donors’ gifts are tax-deductible. Your donors will receive an automatically-generated receipt for their gifts. Donations of $100 and higher qualify for a Missouri “Champion for Children” tax credit. We will send paperwork for this tax credit to your donors.


Remind me, is this really safe?

Yes it is! Over the Edge sets up the roof as an industrial work site which meets and exceeds the highest safety standards. They adhere strictly to all national and state OSHA laws, and the SPRAT/IRATA governing procedures. The ropes used are weighted for 4,500 pounds and you will have two of them supporting you. OTE’s certified technical experts also train fire fighters, police SWAT teams, window washers and recreational climbers. Safety is the top priority and Over the Edge takes pride in having zero incidents in all the events they have hosted.

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