Place a Brick in our Walkway of Hope

Colored-BrickThe Child Advocacy Center is a very special place for children who need very sensitive services. A minimum gift of $125 will support our highly-specialized services and place an engraved brick in our “Walkway of Hope.” Simply fill out the brick order form and then mail it with your $125 check to the CAC, 1033 E. Walnut St., 65806. If you want to pay online, simply click on the “General Support Donate” button at the top of this page, make a $125 donation and then email or call Kathy, 831-2327, to discuss your engraved message.

Missouri “Champion for Children” Tax Credit Program

The Missouri “Children in Crisis” tax credits were available to Child Advocacy Center donors from 2006 to August 28, 2012. At that time, the CIC tax credits were allowed to sunset with a number of other state tax credits. Missouri Senator Bob Dixon pledged to introduce legislation in the first part of 2013 to bring back these tax credits, and with perseverance and the support of other legislators, he was successful. Renaming the credits, Champion for Children tax credits (in honor of former Senator Norma Champion who introduced the original credits), they are now again available to our donors. By contributing to the Child Advocacy Center, you can help fund our children’s services and receive a tax credit for up to 50 percent of your contribution.

The process is simple. Donate a minimum of $100 (cash, check or credit card) to the Child Advocacy Center. We will send you a simple, Champion for Children tax credit form that you need to complete. Claim your tax credit in the year in which your donation is made by including the Champion for Children tax credit form with your Missouri tax return. You must file your return by the normal filing deadline (April 15 of the following year).

CFC tax benefit example (based on an individual in the 28 percent tax bracket):

$1,000 Cash Gift……………………………………………………. $1,000
Missouri CFC Tax Credit (50 percent of gift)…………………. – $500
Federal Income Tax Deduction (28 percent bracket)…….. – $280
State Income Tax Deduction (6 percent bracket)…………… – $60
Net Cost to Donor…………………………………………………. = $160

Note: Tax benefits differ if using Alternative Minimum Tax. In addition, out-of-pocket costs can vary, depending on your individual income tax bracket. Please consult your tax advisor with specific questions about your individual tax liability.

For more information, contact the Missouri Department of Revenue Tax Bureau, or (573)522-6864 (individual) or (573)751-4541 (business).

Give to “Cents of Hope” Monthly Giving Program

There is no easier way to support the CAC than giving monthly through “Cents of Hope.” This program offers two donor options – electronic fund transfer or credit card authorization. Once you sign up, your gift automatically supports the CAC on a monthly basis. You can leave the program or adjust the amount you donate at any time by calling the Development Office.

Gifts to “Cents of Hope” typically support our annual campaign unless you specify another designation. Click here to print the Child Advocacy Center “Cents of Hope” form. If you prefer to support the Child Advocacy Center South Central, our satellite center in West Plains, print the “Cents of Hope SC” form.

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